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Friday, December 17, 2010

The past, the present, the future

I walked into the lab, excited. The head grad student was there, and I excitedly told him what my idea was.
"I don't think that Darwin's Theory is complete. There are too many holes in it. Too many evolutionary jumps in nature don't add up. I would like to study why this is, and try to disprove the current theory of evolution as complete in itself."
"You're wasting your time. If there were some other theory, someone would have come up with it a long time ago. Its impossible, so just give up."
And I did.
As easy as that.
And that was the last straw in solidifying my feelings of disrespect toward the study of what is called "Biology", in its incestuous stance of approval of theories and the progression of the so-called science. Its like going back to popularity contests in High School! Wherein the most popular theorists get their theories approved and then subsequent submissions must be based upon the approved theories.

Despite this, a few years later, there was an article in Science or Discovery that supported my theory, someone else had indeed found that it was true. Not that it is taught in schools.
My original theory was this (It is not based on anyone else's thoughts):
That there is a CONSCIOUS EVOLUTION underlying the traditional theory of evolution, which is due to mutations, time and natural selection (the weak or disadvantaged are taken over by the strong and advantaged).
Of course natural selection is a basic part of evolution. It is a central force to evolution. However, it is not the end all be all of evolution.
I believe, and have since childhood, that evolution is guided by consciousness, and consciousness comes in many forms. It is a desire to be a certain way. It is recognition of necessity, or a recognition of possibility, that guides living things into their future position or state. I believe that conscious evolution can be unconscious as well, it just means that it is the mind and purpose of a living thing that governs its future, and not only its situation in the world.
This is easy to say about humans, who use language and can thoroughly understand each other. But what about animals, and plants? I believe that they also have chosen their future, their path. My biggest examples are of mysterious symbiotic relationships, such as those between clownfish and sea anemones, or pilot fish that clean sharks in return for not being eaten.

Actually, my thoughts go much further, and far beyond the theory of conscious evolution. But for the purpose of todays blog, I'll limit it here.

The reason that I am posting is because I found a bookmark from a few months ago, one linking to Jean Houston. Jean Houston's book with Robert Masters, Mind Games. Shinpei says he is concerned at the use of the book to open human consciousness. He says that perhaps humans should not be able to do such things on a day to day basis, and that there might be a reason why we are not all enlightened at all times. Perhaps. But I believe that there are those who are ready to jump into that state, and that the book is a tool. {Its like Kundalini Yoga. Those who are ready to have their Shakras opened do not suffer, and indeed are given a great gift. But those who are not ready, have their shakras "ripped open" as an old friend called it, and their protective layers tattered by the "Serpent Energy", and are left to struggle in a strange world between madness and reality, sudden flashes of heat or shivering in different parts of the body, and a general sense of malaise. Apparently it takes months to years to recover. I met a young man once who suggested that I never do it, his eyes wide with fear, because he was still struggling after having given it up. After that, I stopped doing the Fire Breathing if I felt that my body could not take so much, and never suffered. I did feel a wonderful tingling sensation in my hands, which felt as though it reached out about two feet.}

In the book Mind Games, players are lead on hypnotic journeys into themselves. There is a guide, someone who reads the book and watches over the players. The games themselves are tools for opening up the mind from what is considered reality by the conscious and unconscious mind into an "outside the box" ability to look at the world. I have lead several friends on these journeys. Some people remember them, some don't. All feel very well afterward.
So how do the Mind Games and Jean Houston fit into my theory of conscious evolution?

Well, I went to Jean Houston's page. I really respect what she has done in life, and her works with other people, but recently what she has done seems kind of creepy, and really stinks of lies. Like her video with the Dalai Lama and her website. I have a feeling that she has been sucked into trying to make a living by manipulating spirituality to her own design. Her eyes are scary, too... But maybe I am wrong.
On her wiki page was a link to the noosphere, and that was where it got interesting. It seems that not only is my theory possibly correct, but it began in 1907 with the studies of Henry Bergson
I have to make dinner now.

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