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Monday, March 23, 2015

Want to know how to fix something? Learn Japanese...

Hahaha. So I was looking for a way to fix this coffee maker that I found in the recycle bin which is labeled the garbage at my university. When people move out, they just dump their whole apartment in. Needless to say, you can find some pretty nice things in the "garbage". So recently, there was this Nescafe Alegria (Nescafe Barista in Japan), and since my husband wanted a coffee maker, we decided to bring it on home. I found some videos in Japanese on how to clean it. There were really no good ones available in English. And I cleaned it. And put coffee in .... and turned it on and ...! Warm water came out. :( So I started searching for repair info on the thing. I mean, there are so many tech forums and such, I figured there must be, but NOOOooo. No English explanations on how to fix it. Or Spanish. Then I looked in Japanese. I found a bunch of pages on how to fix the thing. Here is a good one. Scroll down and down... and down! to see how detailed the explanation (with lots and lots of pictures) is! It reminds me of yesterday when I put together my computer, and there were tons of good videos on how to put the CPU on, or how to install the motherboard! Why are all the good repair or tech explanations in English only about computers (Or cars)? Anyway, I put it through Google Translate, but the English is really hard to understand. Better off trying to read it in Japanese maybe...

This is not the first time that I have seen this phenomenon with normal everyday items. I guess Japanese people really want to help other people while showing off their cool otaku style?

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  1. My dear Sofia: In other words, boil some damn water, pour over ground coffee in a paper filter until cup is full!!
    LMAO reading the translations.
    Love you,
    Becky Winslow