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California born by a Cuban mother, married to a Japanese man, and have lived in Japan since 2004, minus one year living in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. I have friends and family in many places in the world. I dreamed of traveling to many distant lands, creating music and dancing to it, meeting interesting people, and discovering treasures in the most unlikely of places.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Spring is finally here!!

Spring is finally here, and I'm sooooo glad. The cherry bloosoms are in full bloom. The mountains of Nishimera are full of flowering trees. Two weeks ago it snowed more than all year, though! I have been taking cuttings of all sorts of plants, and planting vegetables. I have cuttings of three different kinds of plum trees and planted some pumpkin, tomato and pepper seedlings yesterday. I have flowers and berries and spinach growing already.

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