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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Nishimera Mountains

We have been landlocked for a month now... there was a landslide and we can only leave one way. But these mountains are so beautiful.

We have been taking ane extra hour detour to go to Hitoyoshi, but finally, on Thursday night, the road will open up.
Friday is my birthday, I will be 33!
Many fruits of Summer we have been enjoying...
From June 2009

Cute and various mushrooms!
From June 2009

From June 2009

Abandoned buildings!
From June 2009

From June 2009

The bunnies at the elementary school!
From June 2009

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  1. Cool white mushroom! We miss you like crazy and both of you often find your way into our daily conversations! I hope this finds you well.

    MWA (kisses)